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Bạch Mã – Where Nature Awakens

I first knew about Bạch Mã in the 1990s, during a visit to a friend's hometown. From afar, Bạch Mã appeared as an endless expanse of green, majestic and draped in morning mist, with clouds gathering to create a mesmerizing landscape painting. This time, our visit to Bạch Mã was not for leisure but to explore new efforts in preserving its natural values. We were scheduled to visit various scenic spots and explore the area. Bạch Mã boasts a cool climate, magnificent scenery, and diverse ecosystems. During this warm trip with colleagues and the charm of nature, I was inspired to write a piece to cherish the nature and appreciate the people here.


Lễ hội Vì hòa bình- Sức nóng du lịch tại Quảng Trị

Lễ hội Vì hòa bình sẽ được khai mạc vào tối 6/7/2024, tại Di tích quốc gia đặc biệt Đôi bờ Hiền Lương - Bến Hải (Quảng Trị)


Delicacies of Quảng Bình

In every rural area, every nation has its own unique culinary culture. Cuisine is intertwined with local produce, natural conditions, and the inherent nature of the people of each region. I've had the opportunity to experience various places; for instance, mentioning Sushi or the Tea Ceremony, one immediately thinks of Japan, or talking about Kimchi brings to mind the traditional dish of South Korea – this refers to a nation's identity. Similarly, in Vietnam, mentioning Mì Quảng evokes the produce of Quảng Nam, or Bún bò, Cơm hến immediately brings to mind Huế.



A Journey on Hac Hai lagoon

This journey intrigued me because of the phrase "The Dau Mau mountains rise tall like a writing brush and the Hac Hai lagoon spread wide like a vast inkwell" and the fact that some of my friends had made their first steps to breathe life into this land. The boat picked us up at Moi pier, in Hong Thuy commune, following a canal westward for over 1km until we reached the Kien Giang river. 


The Beginning of a Discovery Journey at Phong Nha Botanical Garden

We  have preparing  for our journey to Quang Binh on a trip that will be primarily an experience of ecological sites to learn more about the natural values of the Quang Binh region – the place with the narrowest distance from the coastline to the Vietnam-Laos border. This land is likened to a yoke carrying both ends of the country. As with other journeys, we will explore the landmarks of this region. One impressive point that I include in our itinerary is the Phong Nha Botanical Garden, due to its biodiversity with a richness of plant and animal species and activities in scientific research, environmental education, and sustainable tourism development. The Phong Nha Botanical Garden is located in the core zone of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park on Victory Road 20, about 15km from the Phong Nha town.