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Tam Co Cave


Eight Lady Cave is located at km16+500 on the Road No.20 which is part of the legendary Truong Son trail. The cave where witnessed and commemorate the sacrifices of the force of volunteer youth during the War against the U.S Army Forces, especially the eight volunteers whose sacrifices became the symbol of patriotism.

The site was a target of bombardments of U.S Air Forces so as to stop the transportation of Vietnamese Forces. On November 14, 1972,  a catastrophic   bomb of U.S Air Forces aimed to the site and caused  a huge stone of 1000 tons collapsed to lock 8 voluntary youths inside the cave. Nine days after that, there was no hope for saving their life, all 8 volunteer were sacrificed as their ages were around 20.

Today, the Eight Lady Cave is a place to commemorate heroic martyr and  spiritual tourism on the 20 Road.

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