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Pagoda Bay - Swallow Island


Vung Chua - Yen (Swallow) island is located in commune, Quang Trach district, about 7km from the Ngang pass to the east - south. Tho Son mountain belongs to Hoanh Son range stretches out to the sea makes landscape very fantastic. Vung Chua - Swallow island has become familiar with most of the people in Vietnam because General Vo Nguyen Giap has been spent his long sleep here.

Tho Son is linked to the Mui Rong and Su mountain then forming a bow toward the East Coast. At the foot of the white-sand beach that stretches headline yellow, green trees. Life is  full of majestic mountains with clouds over. Halfway up the mountain with a temple and a tower hundreds of years. 

Pagoda Bay  wrapped firmly Hoanh Son range with peaks Dragon west - north as bulwark sure poisonous winds, the east has many small islands like painting a front compartment tsunami.

Swallow island is emerged in the ocean as a tiger defending the country's land and sea. The island is the long sandy beach and a low hill which is facing the Eastern Sea. The waves of sea created many different interesting shapes. Coming here, you can be immersed in cool water and experience the wonderful scenery.

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